East Texas Paranormal Investigations

"When I'm asked 'Are you afraid of the dark?', my answer is 'No, I'm afraid of what is in the dark." -- Barry Fitzgerald

 The Family Members Of E.T.P.I.

Terry Levesque is the organization's Parapsychologist, Cert. Paranormal Investigator, and EVP Tech.  He is also a retired Cdr. with a strong education and experience in the health and physical sciences and applies diagnostic processes to spiritual and paranormal phenomenon. 

Marc Levesque is a Cert. Paranormal Investigator as well as a student of all aspects of the spiritual and paranormal. He also has a certification as a Computer Service Technician. He is our technical advisor with computers, video, EVP equipment and the analysis there of.

NOTE:  East Texas Paranormal Investigation seeks to collaborate and cooperate with other Paranormal Investigation Organizations and Societies. Anyone willing to join as a member please contact Marc at marcus_levesque@yahoo.com
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